Trade platform

An institutional-grade trading platform making markets accessible for algorithms and traders available globally. Using non-blocking asynchronous architecture provides a reliable and aggressive trading platform that gets the trade done for professional traders and data scientists who want to experiment their algorithms.

  • Integrated Liquidity through integrating multiple markets for executing orders allowing algorithm and traders to easily select best market and exchange on-demand
  • Robust operational platform orchestrating AI models, portfolio management service, risk management services interacting with the Deep Order Execution that result in a robust and accurate trade
  • Providing fund structure that’s seamlessly integrate to the trade platform, making it easy for investors invest/divest on-demand without intervening in the trade process taking care of accurate reporting of investment reports, returns, P&Ls etc.
  • Stress-tested connectivity and infrastructure guarantees connection to exchange servers all-across the world 24/7 providing a robust access to liquidity and assets to trade