Eveince has a leading private investment product available to accredited investors. We use proprietary technology that creates idiosyncratic advantages in competing against professional traders.

Eveince currently presents three funds (BASSO, Moderate and ALTO) with their own objectives and goals, which drives them to have different financial characteristics. This diversity enables each fund to be suitable for different types of investors.

BASSO fund Reduces investment risk drastically to change the experience of investing in cryptocurrency into following solid indexes in other markets. In other words, it takes the risk of a stable index, i.e., S&P500, and invests in cryptocurrency markets.

The MODERATE fund goal is to be a fund that has balanced characteristics between risk and gains in the cryptocurrency market with competitive advantages against other funds and players in the markets. So this fund tries to get more risk/reward ratios such as Sharpe ratio and Alpha and fewer risk parameters such as annualized volatility and maximum drawdown, compared with the BarcleyHedge index.

ALTO fund Manages cryptocurrency assets in a way that takes the risk of Bitcoin but tries to gain returns more than Bitcoin.

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