Mohsen Arjmandi

CEO & Communication Lead
M.Sc. in software engineering, Expert in Data-intensive applications, product design, product development, technology development, 12 years of experience in developing and managing enterprise software, software architecture, mathematical modeling, problem modeling, technology development, Skilled in Big Data technologies, Machine learning, Ranked 1st at the Computer Science Olympiad, holder of US patents in Big Data processing platforms.

Seyed Hani Ela Mahdi Mortazavi Najaf Abadi

Investor and Crypto fund expert

Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Birmingham, Expert in executive management, planning, product development, and leading business, eight years of experience in running and managing operations in startup environments and running the business, four years of experience in funding startups, Skilled in planning, research and development, project finance and project control and business analysis, Winner of the Jarvis award

Reza Fahmi

Quant Fund Manager and Senior Data Scientist
M.Sc. in AI from Sharif University of Technology
Expert in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Mathematical Modeling, five years of experience in developing data products, data analysis, and problem modeling; skilled in Machine Learning, Signal Processing, Image processing

Behnam Sabeti

Data Science Lead

Ph.D in AI/NLP from Sharif University of Technology

Expert in Natural Language Processing, Representation Learning and Reinforcement Learning. 7+ years of experience in problem modeling and developing AI-based applications, Data and compute-intensive services, Distributed learning and inference frameworks, and Evaluation metric design.

Farhad Azadjoutabari

ML engineer and quant researcher

Ph.D in Computer Architecture, University of Tehran
Expert in Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, five years of experience in developing data experience and data products, data analysis, Skilled in Machine Learning, Cognitive Neuroscience, Computer architecture design, Hardware/Software Co-design 

Sasan Barak

Advisor and partner

Dr. Sasan Barak is an Assistant Professor in Business Analytics and Finance at Southampton Business School, University of Southampton. Dr. Barak received his Ph.D. in Management Science from Lancaster University Management School (LUMS), UK. Moreover, he has been awarded a double degree Ph.D. from the Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic (in the field of quantitative methods in finance), and the University of Bergamo, Italy (in the field of Analytics for Economics and Business). He teaches and conducts research in the fields of Financial Machine Learning, Forecasting, and Machine Learning in Business Analytics. As an international lecturer, he also conducts some international lectures in the middle east and Europe.

Hossein Naderi

Tech lead

Zahra Rezvani

Operations Lead

Ph.D Student of Information Technology, University of Tehran

Expert in organizational integration, value chain security, IoT and Industry 4.0.

have six years of experience as an IT project manager, product owner and BPM lead in CITC.

Yaser Amiri

Backend Developer

Emad Hamzei

Frontend Developer

Salar Hafezi

Web app developer