Eveince is a quantitative investment firm that uses AI and software infrastructure to discover predictable behaviors of the financial markets and recognize outlier events.

We’re using scientific methods to translate market movements into meaningful financial metrics like risk and return. To achieve this, we’ve built AI models as knowledge bases that have proven to recognize market crashes in the past three years in the most volatile financial market, and we’re doing research to add new insights to our knowledge base continuously.

Moreover, Some Parts of our pipeline are ready to be provided as a service to financial institutes and other crypto products who seek intelligent services to help them keep up with the fast pace of cryptoeconomics environment.

core competency

  • Advanced artificial intelligence*
    maintaining flexibility and adaptivity to meet fund targets in any market regime
  • Deep order execution
    fine-graining order size and optimizing order placement timing to save AUM in large volume and number of transactions
  • Institutional-grade trading infrastructure
    not losing a single trade in a dynamic number of cryptocurrency markets in a medium-frequency systematic strategy. Supporting major crypto-exchanges and globally-focused to on best utilizing exchange liquidities that put us ahead of traditional and other systematic traders
  • Scalability to other markets
    through comprehensive modeling of financial markets and strict evaluation-metrics scrutiny, which aggressively eliminate models that can not perform in any market situations
  • Common algorithm trading that is trading only based on financial indicators or arbitrage models is not comparable with generic AI models that actively generate new market advantages to beat fund targets and have the ability to adapt themselves to any market.

trade platform

An institutional-grade trading platform making markets accessible for algorithms and traders available globally. Using non-blocking asynchronous architecture provides a reliable and aggressive trading platform that gets the trade done for professional traders and data scientists who want to experiment with their algorithms.

  • Integrated Liquidity through integrating multiple markets for executing orders allowing algorithms and traders to easily select the best market and exchange on-demand
  • Robust operational platform orchestrating AI models, portfolio management service, and risk management services interacting with the Deep Order Execution that results in a robust and accurate trade
  • Providing fund structure seamlessly integrated into the trading platform, making it easy for investors to invest/divest on-demand without intervening in the trade process, taking care of accurate reporting of investment reports, returns, P&Ls, etc.
  • Stress-tested connectivity and infrastructure guarantee connection to exchange servers all across the world 24/7, providing robust access to liquidity and assets to trade

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